Friday, July 16, 2010

Clover Hill's Vineyard and Winery Tour

Many of our wineries offer vineyard and winery tours during the warm summer months. We've found that visitors to our wineries enjoy hearing about the process of growing the grapes, harvesting them and then pressing them to produce the juices which we ferment into the wines they buy.

Some of our wineries have regularly scheduled tours, while others only offer tours on special event weekends. One of the wineries with regular tours is Clover Hill in Breinigsville. A recent tour lead by owner Pat Skrip was captured in a series of videos that can be watched on the Wine Trail's YouTube channel.

The hour-plus long walking tour begins where all great wines begin - in the vineyard! As it progresses, the tour includes wine tastings  and ends at the winery's wine tasting bar for more sampling.

Check out the web sites for each of our nine wineries and their calendar of winery events to see if any of them have upcoming tours that you can take. Some charge a small fee for the tours while others are free.

Tell us which of our wineries gives the best tour in your opinion and why.

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