Friday, July 2, 2010

Cabernet Franc and the Lehigh Valley - Part 2

Today's blog post is written by wine lover and guest blogger Jim Hutchings. To read part 1 of this blog post, click here.

If consumed at a cool cellar temperature, Cabernet Franc pairs well with summer picnic or barbeque foods, and is fantastic all by itself.

Franc actually plays a significant role in Ch√Ęteau Cheval Blanc’s wines which are said to be among the best in the world. At one thousand dollars per bottle, I have not yet been fortunate enough to try a Cheval, but five of our very own Lehigh Valley wineries are producing outstanding examples of Cabernet Franc.

Blue Mountain, Franklin Hill, Galen Glen, Pinnacle Ridge, and Vynecrest all produce a Cabernet Franc varietal though supply is low at a few of them. If you enjoy more complex and robust wines, Blue Mountain and Franklin Hill have fine examples of the full orchestra to continue yesterday’s metaphor. Vynecrest, Galen Glen, and Pinnacle Ridge have some of the most elegant Francs I’ve tasted. Their Francs stand apart from their other bold reds and leave you with a powerful simplicity which lingers well after your last swallow.

If you haven’t done so yet, give our Lehigh Valley Cabernet Francs a taste. With an elegant flavor, wisdom, maturity, and simplicity, Cabernet Franc knows where it wants to go, what it wants to do, and does it very well.

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