Friday, May 6, 2016

Get to know... Tina Keller of Galen Glen Winery

1.     Which winery do you work for and how long have you worked there?

I have worked at Galen Glen Winery for the past three years.

2.     What is your favorite wine that your winery makes, and why? What do you like to pair it with?

My favorite wine is our Fossil Riesling. All of our Riesling wines are special to me because once you help with the harvest and see the amount of grapes to be picked and hand selected to create this wine, you gain a whole new appreciation for the wine. It is amazing to witness. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into making quality wine. Anyone that knows me knows I HATE to cook. When I sip Fossil Riesling I'm inspired to cook....but I don't. That's Karen's job. She feeds our staff well, even if it is just vegetables.

3.     What is the most popular question you get asked by visitors about Lehigh Valley wine or wineries, and how do you answer it?

The biggest question I get asked is, "What is your favorite wine?" Usually I respond, "honestly, it depends on my mood. I love our wine so its hard to pick a favorite."

4.     What do you like most about local, Lehigh Valley wine and wineries?

What I love most about local wines, especially wines on the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail is that you are tasting everything this area has to offer. One thing that I have noticed about our wines in particular is that you can almost taste the weather from vintage to vintage. Was it cooler or warmer, wet or dry? All these things are part of that amazing experience of drinking local wines.

5.     What is the one piece of advice you offer to wine lovers traveling along the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail?

One piece of advice I offer to wine lovers that travel the trail is to keep an open mind. When tasting, try something new or something you didn't like before, you may be pleasantly surprised. Also bring a big vehicle because if you find a wine you love you should buy it in bulk. I consider wine a necessity like paper towels. It's better to have too much than none at all!

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  1. that's the Tina i know. she is one great tasting room associate and always provides you with a great experience at Galen Glen!