Thursday, March 10, 2016

Get to know... Tina Rauenzahn of Clover Hill

Our new blog series continues in which we interview staff members at our trail's nine member wineries. This week we are profiling Tina Rauenzahn of Clover Hill.

1.         Which winery do you work for and how long have you worked there?
I work for Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery just shy of six years, but I have been drinking Clover Hill wines since they opened their doors as a winery.

2.     What is your favorite wine that your winery makes, and why? What do you like to pair it with?

I always enjoy Clover Hill Pinot Noir and Three when they are available, but since they are typically available only for limited times I would have to say my year-round favorite is Chambourcin. The earthy and spicy flavors from the American Oak aging add a nice contrast to the subtle cherry flavors of the Chambourcin grape. A good aged cheddar, roasted vegetables, or a cheese lasagna are some of my favorite foods to pair with our Chambourcin.

3.          What is the most popular question you get asked by visitors about Lehigh Valley wine or wineries, and how do you answer it?

Customers routinely ask when the next coordinated event will be. I offer details of when the next event is scheduled and give them the wine trail brochure, direct them to the website for information, and encourage them to sign up for the monthly e-newsletter so they do not miss any of the fun activities.

4.          What do you like most about local, Lehigh Valley wine and wineries?

I love that local wine tasting is growing in popularity and folks are finding out for themselves that PA wines are competitive to wines of other parts of the country. The Buy Fresh Buy Local idea has taken off in all facets of our lives.

5.          What is the one piece of advice you offer to wine lovers traveling along the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail?

I point out that Chambourcin is the only grape all 9 of the wine trail wineries have in common, but that they all produce the Chambourcin grape in different styles. I suggest they try it at each winery to find what style of Chambourcin appeals to them. I also suggest they travel the trail over the course of a couple of days (not trying to visit all nine wineries in one day) and I always offer them the LVWT brochure.

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