Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Wine Dinner and Kutztown Tavern Wine & Beer Dinner coming up at Vynecrest

February is a great month to visit the winery. It's a little less crowded on the weekends with less tourist traffic. You can beat the March crowds and enjoy a tasting upstairs or a glass of wine downstairs in the Vyneskeller wine bar.

▪ Wine of the Month - Late Harvest Vidal, additional 10% off*
▪ 3 Pack of the Month - Three Vignoles for $30*

*at winery only; 3 pack cannot be combined with other offers.

Upcoming Events

February 13 - Valentine's Wine Dinner at Camillo's Restaurant, 7 pm

Reserve your seats for our Valentine's Wine Dinner featuring Vynecrest Winery - call 610-683-5637.
Five courses paired with wine - $49 per person


Appetizer - Eggplant Roulade (eggplant stuffed with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic rolled and baked with our house tomato sauce) paired with Vynecrest Red

Salad - Burrata over mixed greens topped with balsamic glaze, paired with Naked Chardonnay

Pasta - Penne alla vodka, paired with Chambourcin

Second Dinner Course - Salmon pesto, paired with Pinot Noir

Dessert - Raspberry cheesecake, paired with Late Harvest Vidal

February 14 - Valentine's Day

Our Vyneskeller wine bar will be opening early for Valentine's Day. From 10 am to noon we will be selling $3 mimosas and featuring Frank Sinatra on our iPad baby grand piano. Pastries, croissants and chocolate covered strawberries will be available for purchase. Reservations suggested. 610-398-7525

We will have live music from Steve Myers in the Vynskeller later in the day from 1 - 4 pm.

February 22 - Jazz Sunday, Live Jazz music in the Vyneskeller, 1- 4 pm

March - Lehigh Valley Wine Trail Vino in the Valley Passport Program

There are still passports available for the annual wine trail March event at member wineries, though our winery is sold out. The winery will be open for tastings, but all food pairings are exclusively for passport holders. Tickets can be purchased online too.

March 12 - Kutztown Tavern Beer and Wine Dinner
6:30 - 9 pm

Tired of the same old dinner, join us for a interactive beer and wine dinner at the Kutztown Tavern on March 12. Head Brewer Colin Presby from the Kutztown Tavern and Sam Landis from Vynecrest go head to head on a five course dinner asking you "who paired it better?" You will not only be exposed to a great evening of beer, wine and great food but a chance to win prizes and come away with some great take home gifts. Stay tuned to our website's "What's Happening" page for more information regarding menu, reservations and final details. Reservations must be made through Kutztown Tavern - 610-683-9600.

Glass Half Empty by Malachi Duffy

Why is the Lehigh Valley such a great place to grow wine grapes? Some people might say it's not. I would agree with them, if the goal is to create consistently reproducible vintages.

That's not what this area is about and that's what makes it so great. Every year is different and we get to shape the grapes we grow and the wine we make to best fit that particular year. Just because the grapes are different from year to year doesn't mean they are of lower quality. It just means some years are better suited for certain varieties than others. That's why we grow 24 different varieties of grapes with different clones and rootstocks within those varieties.

Don't get me wrong. Some varieties are a little frustrating some years. Pinot Grigio a couple of years ago comes to mind and it can be a huge pain in the ass in the vineyard. It is a small cluster variety and the grapes are tightly packed together in that cluster. With the right combination of time of year, temperature and rainfall, rot can be a big problem. But, you have to take the bad with the good. That same year produced a Lemberger that won a double-gold medal.

The Lehigh Valley is a great location because we do get variation in weather but it's not so extreme that it kills off the vine in the winter or creates such unfavorable growing conditions that we don't have anything worth picking come September. What it does create are conditions where everything we pick is going to be good, but a few varieties every year will be great.

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