Monday, March 17, 2014

It may be spring, but Franklin Hill is thinking ahead to summer wine festivals

Get to any one of our locations on Fridays for our free Happy Hour.

The creations our crews come up with are amazing! Catawbatini Cakeshots, Pomegranate Peach Bellini's and Fainting Goat Martinis are just a couple of the drinks we've featured so far. Too yummy to miss. See you Friday.

Wine Festivals
Think it’s too early to think about spring and summer wine festivals?
Not for us! Here's where we'll be:

Bear Creek Wine Festival
April 4 & 5

Taste of PA - York Wine Fest
May 17 & 18

May 24 & 25

Taste of Kutztown
June 7

Split Rock Great Tastes of PA
June 21 & 22

Wine on the Mountain
July 26 & 27

Gettysburg Wine Festival
September 6 & 7

Cocktail Corner


3 parts FHV Catawba
1 part Cake Vodka

Add some sprinkles to the rim of the glass for a little fun.

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