Friday, August 2, 2013

August means grapes ripening on the vine... and birds ... at Vynecrest

August is a great time of year to come out, taste some wine, and enjoy the view of the vineyard at Vynecrest. The grapes are just about ready to go through veraison, where they stop growing and start ripening. The red grapes will turn from green to red and the sugar levels start to rise. This change in color is also a signal for the birds the grapes are about ready to eat (more on that later).

Just a reminder, the Vyneskeller is open seven days a week so after you are done tasting you can grab a glass of wine and relax downstairs.

August Specials 
* Wine of the Month - Pinot Noir - 10% off
* 3 Pack of the Month - Autumn Gold - $25.
*available at winery only

Upcoming Events

  • August 8 and 15 - Macungie Farmer's Market, Memorial Park, 4 - 7 pm
  • August 22 - Local Wine Pairing Dinner at the Historic Bower’s Hotel, 7 pm.
    • Reserve your seat now for a fantastic four-course dinner paired with the area's finest wines. Each course, created by executive chef and Mertztown native Cody Musser will be paired with local wines carefully selected by a representative of a Tastings and Tours, the areas premiere VIP winery and brewery touring company. Prepare your palate for a combination of fresh, local ingredients and allow your taste buds to be transported to wine and food paradise! Please make your reservations today by contacting Bonnie at the Bowers Hotel at (610) 899-0183 or Rich with Tastings and Tours at (484) 274-2517.
  • August 25 
    • Jazz Sunday - Live Jazz music in the Vyneskeller, 1 - 4 pm 
    • Vineyard and Winery Tour with the winemaker, 1 pm, $5 per person
  • August 29 - Macungie Farmer's Market, Memorial Park, 4 - 7pm
  • Sept 2 - Labor Day - winery open 10 am - 2 pm
Glass Half Empty 
Birds and grapes - by John Landis

As Vynecrest prepares for harvest the word "bird" slips into our memory. The season has progressed nicely and our vineyard is in great shape. Fruit quality and quantity are excellent. In a couple of weeks the grapes will start to ripen and then the birds will arrive.

I like most birds. Who cannot admire cardinals, bluejays, mockingbirds, and hummingbirds. However flocks of starlings and grackles remind me of Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie “The Birds." These birds are ugly, smart, aggressive, have no natural enemies, and can devour a vineyard of grapes in an afternoon. Vineyards utilize firing blanks, cannons, falcons, balloons, fireworks, bird distress calls, and netting to help keep them at bay, but nothing is foolproof. Each year it's a challenge to outsmart these birds. Let's hope this year it's Vynecrest 1, Birds 0!

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