Friday, September 24, 2010

A view of downtown Easton from the new Cherry Valley Vineyards wine shop

Guest blog post from Lucia Sorrenti of Cherry Valley Vineyards in Saylorsburg. 

From an outsider's point of view, Easton is a city built entirely around a crayon factory. But while Crayola indeed adds to its ambiance, it is far from being the only attraction. As I help to incorporate my family's vineyard into the unique texture of Easton, I find myself observing, discovering, and enjoying what the city has to offer.

The majority of traffic flows in and out through the quaint Centre Square, and a number of independent and atmospheric restaurants and shops dot the sides of Northampton and Third streets. During the weekdays, the city's inhabitants always seem to be busy at work, and I find myself wondering how they keep themselves so well hidden. The small but growing number of people that find their way into the store are interesting and memorable, all seeming so connected with this city and its history.

On the weekends, Easton comes alive with its fresh and local farmer's market, and time seems to slow down for the residents as they mill through the streets, stopping for a coffee at the Quadrant, or an ice cream at the Purple Cow.

Eventually, they find themselves in the mood to pick up a bottle of wine for their weekend dinners and gatherings, and we open our doors - and our bottles - for them to experience the fresh and local wines Cherry Valley Vineyards has to offer. Our business is just like any other in the city, and it remains dependent on the people of the town to keep it alive and thriving.

As the Sorrenti family makes themselves a small home at 22 N. Third Street, we can only hope the future is just as bright as Sunshine Yellow and Burnt Sienna can paint it to be.

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