Friday, August 6, 2010

A weekend Jazz Jam and an update from Pinnacle Ridge

SKIP MOYER'S JAZZ JAM (Wine, Art and Music-all in one day!)
Sunday, August 8 from 3-6 PM

Pinnacle Ridge hosts Skip Moyer's fourth Jazz Jam of the 2010 Summer Season. Skip delivers something new each jam along with guitarist Andy Warren, drummer John Fundyga and Skip on bass, Jonathan Saraga joins on trumpet.  

Christy Allen (yes, wife of Brad) will make a special appearance and sing some jazz standards for some of her favorite customers (wine and jazz enthusiasts!)

There will be food available. Pinnacle Ridge is serving their Bubbly (with or without Concord) or any wine of your choosing, lots of fresh fruit and a selection of meats, cheeses and crackers from our neighbors, Dietrich’s Country Store and Bad Farms. Sounds good, just like jazz!  No matter if the weather is hot because there will be lots of fans and a misting tent. Great wine, food and jazz is COOL!

There is a $5 cover.  However, this event is free for 18 years and under and free to all case club members! Buy a case of wine on Sunday and stay and listen for free!


Late-July and early-August is a very exciting time in the vineyard.  Throughout the year we track the progress of the vineyard by observing biological changes in the vines. For example bud-break is the first observation followed by bloom and the last observation prior to harvest is Verasion. Verasion is when the hard, green grapes begin to soften and change color.  Black varieties first go to light purple and then darken. White varieties change from an opaque green to a more translucent color.   

Consistent with our early bud-break caused by very warm weather in early April, Verasion is occurring about two weeks ahead of normal. This means that the two-week jump we got at bud-break has been maintained.  This comes as no surprise based on the beautiful hot and dry weather we have had this summer. If the weather stays hot and dry and the harvest hurricanes miss us, the 2010 vintage could be the best vintage ever in our 18 years of harvesting grapes.

By the way, I don’t spend all my time in the winery and vineyard.  Every now and then I get to enjoy some gardening. We’re swimming in tomatoes, basil, potatoes, zucchini, string beans, eggplant and flowers. It is not only a great year for grapes but for the garden as well!

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