Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An summer update from Vynecrest Winery

August is going to be a busy month for Vynecrest, both in the vineyard and in the winery. We have music every Saturday in August, the Great Pennsylvania Wine Toast and a festival at Seven Springs. Due to the great weather, we will likely be harvesting at the end of the month also. We just launched our new website. Check it out at

August Specials: 
  • Wine of the month - Traminette, 10% off**
  • 3 pack of the month - 3 Vynecrest White for $25.00**
**at winery only

August Entertainment

August 14 & 15

Winemaker tour of the vineyard: Saturday 1 pm
Music in the Vyneskeller: Arianne, Saturday 1-4:30 pm

August 21

Music in the Vyneskeller: Angela Easterling 1-4:30 pm

August 28

Music in the Vyneskeller: Arianne 1-4:30 pm
Winemakers tour of the vineyard 1 pm

In The Vineyard

2010 is continuing to look like one of the best vintages ever for Vynecrest. The hot, dry weather is great for the vines. Verasion (when the grapes turn color) has occurred on almost all of the varieties in the vineyard. It looks like the last variety to turn will be Cabernet Franc. This is normal as Cabernet Franc is usually the last variety harvested every year.

Now that we've gone through verasion the grapes will start to get plump and the sugar levels will rise. This means the grapes will not only taste better to us, but to the birds as well. Bird damage is our biggest threat until we harvest the grapes. To combat the bird damage, we put out squawk boxes and constantly patrol the vineyard. The squawk boxes play predatory bird sounds and are strategically placed throughout the vineyard. If anyone wants a couple hundred thousand starlings as pets, come on out and start taking them home!

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