Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Three questions with... Gregg Amore of Amore Vineyards

This month we interviewed Gregg Amore, owner of Amore Vineyards in Nazareth.

1. How did your family get started in farming in the Nazareth area?

My grandfather bought the farm in the 1940s. It was passed on to my father and uncle. My father passed his share to me and I purchased my uncle's half, when he decided to retire. I also purchased seven acres at Rt. 512 and Steuben Road from my dad and uncle in the early 1970s to start building greenhouses.

2. When did the winery get started?

The vineyard is 5.5 acres and we grow nine different varieties of grapes and craft 30 different wines. Grapes were first planted in spring 2000 and we had our first harvest in fall 2002. The winery opened in spring 2003.

3. What is your favorite part of the spring season when it comes to the new growing season ahead?

The favorite part of the spring season is seeing all of the flower and vegetable plants growing in the greenhouses. It is gratifying to think about the pleasure, beauty and abundance they will bring or customers.

It is also very satisfying to see our field vegetables grow and bear fruit. Knowing our customers will enjoy our fresh fruits and vegetables also brings great satisfaction. More recently, the opportunity to grow grapes and share the fruits of that labor, in the form of personally crafted wine, has been great fun.

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