Friday, June 27, 2014

Blue Mountain Vineyards talks sulfites in wine, farmers' markets and private parties

You hear about sulfites all the time when it comes to wine. So what does it really mean?

Sulfites are a naturally occurring compound that nature uses to prevent microbial growth. They are found on grapes, onions, garlic, and on many other growing plants.

Winemakers have been adding additional sulfites to wines for millennia. The Greeks and Romans used sulfur candles to sterilize their wine barrels. Sulfur protects damage to the wine caused by oxygen, and again helps prevent organisms from growing in the wine. This allows the wine to last longer too, which lets it age and develop all of those complex flavors we all love and enjoy so much. If you didn't add sulfites, the wine would turn into vinegar in a matter of months or sooner.

We pride ourselves in making wine that is low in sulfites. By not mass producing our wines they are able to be consumed without concern for most people who tend to be sensitive to sulfites. Small amounts of sulfites occur during the fermentation process so even wines labeled no added sulfites or organic contain sulfites.

Are you looking for that perfect place to celebrate a special occasion? The beautiful grounds and relaxed atmosphere of Blue Mountain Vineyards provide a unique venue for intimate parties, private tastings, corporate team building and other special celebrations. Events are held in our glass-enclosed deck and, weather permitting, our outdoor deck.

Maximum capacity is 100. Please visit us or call for details, availability and pricing.

We participate in numerous farmer's markets throughout the week. Let us come to you when you can't get to us. Visit to see if we're at a farmer's market near you!
Enjoy live entertainment on our outdoor or glass-enclosed deck with commanding views of the mountains and our vineyards. Gourmet cheeses and fresh baked bread are available for purchase, or bring your own snacks along. Admission $5 per person.

Please call for a reservation or go to to purchase tickets and view our entertainment schedule. When you purchase your tickets online we will reserve a table for you and when you arrive we can offer you express seating.

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