Monday, June 10, 2013

Help Franklin Hill build its new vineyard with the SmallKnot campaign

Be a part of Franklin Hill Vineyards' future through our SmallKnot campaign. We are planting 2,000 new vines and are asking for your support in helping us create this new vineyard. Whether you're a "Party Animal" or a catered dinner in the vineyard is more your speed, there is an investment option for you. Don't miss out on this very unique and rewarding opportunity. And did we mention it's the only way to get an invite to FHV's Summer Celebration party?

Great Tastes of Pennsylvania Wine and Food Festival

Join Franklin Hill Vineyards and 30 other PA wineries will gather at Split Rock Resort for this two-day festival, June 22 and 23. A weekend filled with music, food  fun and of course wine. Who wouldn't love that?

In the Vineyard 

This time of year the vines grow right before our eyes. Even the 2,000 new vines our crew just recently planted have already begun to bud. The weather has been cooperating so far and we look forward to a great growing season. Our new irrigation system has been in use a few times this year and is proving to be worth the time and effort we put into installing it. Plus it's neat to watch it rain on the vines on a sunny day. Stop by and check it out!

Hard to believe that summer is upon us already. This year has been a blast so far. Festival season is off to a great start and we're looking forward to seeing everyone at the festivals coming up. Keep your eyes open for some really exciting things from us in the next few months. We can't wait for you to see what we're up to!

Recipe Corner  - Simply Sangria
Everyone loves a fruity Sangria in the summer. Here's one of our favorite recipes:

1 bottle Simply Red
1/2 bottle Pomegranate Peach
1/2 bottle of plain seltzer
Cut up some fresh fruit and Voila...A great, fruity and refreshing Sangria, FHV style!

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  1. enjoy,i was all set until i saw the dates! plans with family super-cede