Monday, February 4, 2013

Wine specials, Valentine's events and more this February at Vynecrest

We are busy in the wine cellar getting the 2012 wines ready for bottling as the 2011 vintage is starting to sell out. We bottled the 2012 Cherry DiVyne this week and it is available now. Next week we are bottling the 2012 Pinot Grigio.

Wine of the Month - Pinot Noir, additional 10% off*
3 Pack of the Month - 3 Niagara for $25.00*
*at winery only, 3 pack cannot be combined with other offers

Upcoming Events

January & February - Vynecrest Piano and Wine Bar - Open every Saturday and Sunday, 1 - 5 p.m.

February 15 - Valentine's Day Wine and Chocolate Event  from 7-9 p.m.
Tasting a flight of 5 wines and 5 chocolates with a special chocolate gift for the ladies. Live music. Make this your after-dinner dessert. $25 per couple. Reservations required. Call-610-398-7525. Please let us know when calling if this is for a table of two or four; credit card required.

February 24 (Sunday) - Jazz Sunday, Live Jazz in the Vyneskeller, 1-4 p.m.

March - Lehigh Valley Wine Trail March Madness 
There are still a limited number of passports available online for March Madness but the winery is sold out. The winery will be open for tastings but all food pairings are exclusively for March Madness ticket holders. Tickets can be purchased online here.

Vynecrest Winery will feature two Farm Show Silver Medal Winners. Our food pairings are made by two fellow vendors at the Macungie Farmers Market, a Buy Fresh, Buy Local Market.

Weeks 1 & 2 - Pairing Vynecrest Red, our “house” red made with the Chambourcin grape, with Triple Mushroom Lasagna a rich and savory dish with Gorgonzola cheese sauce. Food by Hereford Country Store.

Weeks 3 & 4 - Pairing Vynecrest White, our house white wine with Blackberry Bliss - A moist vanilla white wine cake featuring Vynecrest White Wine filled with a fresh blackberry filling and topped with
blackberry lemon frosting. Food by Sugar So Sweet Cupcakes.

Glass Half Empty
"Death of a golf cart" by Malachi Duffy

There is never a dull moment at Vynecrest but some moments are a lot less dull than others. One of those moments happened this past summer.

We have a bird problem in the vineyard as we approach harvest time. As the grapes ripen, huge flocks of starlings swoop in and try to grab a free meal. If left alone, they would eat every grape off the vine. We are trying to avoid netting so we drive around on a 4-wheeler and golf cart trying to scare the birds away.

Sheri, who you usually see in the tasting room, volunteered to pull a few shifts on the golf cart. One morning, Sam and I were in the cellar moving some wine when Sheri comes running in to tell us the golf cart was on fire. Sam and I looked at each other and both thought she was over reacting to what was probably a couple of pruned vines that were caught underneath the golf cart that started to smoke. So we grabbed a fire extinguisher and went outside.

We were not expecting what we saw. We were about 400 yards from the golf cart and all we could see was a huge black plume of smoke. We ran over and tried to use the fire extinguisher. It didn't do much, so we called the fire department. Enough talking about it, you can see for yourself, check out this YouTube video.

If nothing else it was a learning experience. I learned vines don't like flames, fire extinguishers don't work on big fires, and a fire truck will fit in the vineyard. We now have a new golf cart.

P.S. We have no idea what started the fire; I am guessing sabotage from the starlings.

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