Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Celebrate Christmas in July at Vynecrest, July 19 - 22

Christmas in July

It is that time of year again at Vynecrest! July 19 through July 22 mention this promotion, and get 25% off 12 or more bottles. For our customers who can't make it to the winery, we are offering free shipping on 6 or more bottles during the same time period, July 19 through 22. No discount code needed at checkout, you just need to have six or more bottles in your cart. This discount applies to online orders only; phone-in orders will be subject to normal shipping prices.

July Specials

Wine of the Month - Chardonnay - additional 10% off
3 Pack of the Month - 3 Vynecrest Red for $25.00
(specials available at winery only)

In The Vineyard

The 2012 vintage started for Vynecrest with our annual delivery of Montmorency sour cherries from Peter's Orchard in Carlisle, Pa. The cherries are fermenting in the cellar now.

In the vineyard, we are busy removing excess leaves and shoots from the vines. Soon we will have to start hedging and dropping some of the fruit from the vines.

Upcoming events
  • July 19 - Macungie Farmer's Market, Memorial Park, 4 - 7 pm
  • July 21 - Live music in the Vyneskeller, Billy Bauer, 1:30-4:30 pm
  • July 26 - Macungie Farmer's Market, Memorial Park, 4pm - 7 pm
  • July 28 & 29 - Wine on the Mountain, Penn's Peak
  • July 28 - Live music in the Vyneskeller, Gary Reed, 1:30-4:30 pm
  • July 29 - Jazz Sunday - Live Jazz music in the Vyneskeller with Andy & Dan, 12:30-3:30pm; Vineyard & Winery Tour with the winemaker, 1 pm, $5 per person
  • August 2 - Macungie Farmer's Market, Memorial Park, 4 pm - 7 pm
  • August 4 - Live music in the Vyneskeller, Billy Bauer, 1:30-4:30 pm
Glass Half Empty

Starting this month, our newsletter will feature a quirky inside look at the wine business from one of the the four partners. We sometimes get so bogged down in the day-to-day duties that we forget to mention some of the most interesting things that go on around here. Some of these things are insightful, some are depressing and some are just downright funny. So here is the first installment of "Glass Half Empty" which is aptly titled since our best ideas usually occur at the end of the day after a glass or three...

By Sam Landis

We were just at the Split Rock Wine Festival in the Poconos a few weeks ago and I am always shocked at not only the outfits I see (or lack there of), but the wide range of consumer preferences of wine. Red, white, sweet, dry, blah blah blah... but as we get into the dog days of summer and the thermostat starts rising, wine temperature has always intrigued me.

We try to serve our white wines and sweeter reds as cold as possible for obvious reasons during the summer. I even know of some people (actually a lot) who put ice cubes in their wine. Some would scoff at this idea, but from my point of view if that's your preference, go for it. Who cares what people think? It's YOUR wine.

I wanted to share a little tidbit I have with one wine in particular, Chardonnay. I was in the wine cellar a few weeks ago talking with Malachi and we both got into how, for whatever reason, we enjoy drinking our Chardonnay and other Chardonnays room temperature. Because of the fact that most Chardonnays go through Malolactic fermentation and are usually aged on oak, when they are chilled down they get stripped of a lot of these unique characteristics.

So give it a shot next time you're at a barbeque or having friends over. Try some Chardonnay head-to-head - one chilled and one room temp - and see what you think. It might just be something that you're missing out on....or you might just go grab some ice cubes immediately! Either way who cares? It's YOUR wine!


  1. I'm all about having my Chardonnay a bit warmer than the fridge would make it. I took a class that actually encouraged tasting Chardonnay at cellar temperature with your dry reds. Good tip, I thought. Room temperature, for me though, is right out. The 72* room temperature is just a bit too warm. Try your Cab Franc and Chambourcin at 60-65 degrees and be pleasantly surprised!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Jim. We enjoy hearing suggestions like that from fellow wine lovers.

    And I think we can agree that the best suggestion is to drink what you like best the way you like it best!

    Thanks for commenting on our blog!