Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sorrenti Cherry Valley wins slew of awards in Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

Congratulations to Mary Sorrenti and the wine making team at Sorrenti Cherry Valley Vineyards in Saylorsburg on their big win at last month's 2010 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. Of the 11 wine entries they submitted, 9 of them received medals.

The winners are:
  1. Blueberry Spumante - Silver
  2. Raspberry - Silver
  3. Raspberry Spumante - Silver
  4. Apple wine - Bronze
  5. Blackberry - Bronze
  6. Blackberry Merlot - Bronze
  7. Chancellor - Bronze
  8. Niagara - Bronze
  9. Raspberry Blush - Bronze
Visit Cherry Valley this weekend for the Wine Trail's first A.V.A. Weekend and try some of these award-winning wines to see for yourself why they received these honors. An A.V.A. is a Federal designation of an American Viticultural Area, and the Lehigh Valley is one. So be sure to ask Mary about how the soil in her region of the Poconos affects the grapes she grows and thereby the flavor of her wines. After all, that's what A.V.A. Weekend is all about!

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